Friday, 27 April 2012

Grow Your Own Flowers this Summer!

Here at Smart Gift Solutions, we have the perfect gift to suit a variety of occasions over the Summer Season - the fantastic 'Grow Me' kit from Gift Republic, which we previously mentioned in our National Gardening Week post! Designed to let you plant your very own beautiful flowers, it's a brilliant way to involve yourself in your outside surroundings... 

Accompanied with detailed instructions, 1 packet of seeds, 1 coconut husk starter plant pot, a plant marker and 1 coconut husk compost disc - this kit has everything necessary for you to create your own flower. Designed with bright and colourful packaging, and priced at £3.99 it is a great affordable gift too!

We sell a range of 4 'Grow Me' kits, including the popular 'Be Happy - Grow Me Sunflowers' kit, featured to the left. It is perfect for many occasions such as a simplistic, but meaningful pick-me-up or Wedding Anniversaries, to wish the happy couple longevity and prosperousness in their marriage! We also sell the 'Get Well Soon - Grow Me Camomile', which is a great way to show you really care; it is a thoughtful, and fail proof gift (unless they don't like Camomile!). 

For romantic occasions, such as showing your partner you appreciate them, we also sell 'Say It With Flowers - Grow Me Roses'. It's ideal for Valentine's Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries; and if you want to include it as part of a bigger gift for special occasions, you can Create-Your-Own Hamper!

The last of our collection is 'Good Luck - Grow Me Clover', which is a brilliant gift to give to family, friends and colleagues. Does somebody you know have exams this summer, or a driving test to pass soon? Well, with this Grow Me kit, they'll feel like the luckiest person in the world with the ability to grow their own clover!

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