Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Wonderful History of Wicker Baskets

Seeing all the beautiful wicker baskets filled with gifts, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon still gets us very excited after many years.

Wicker baskets have played an important role throughout the history of the world. Being made from reeds, strips of oak, birch, or other fibrous materials, they have a long lasting durability and a simple rustic appearance.  Because of their simplicity and inherently functional nature, baskets have also served as a very popular form of ‘wrapping’ for gifts... for friends, family, baby showers and corporate gifting occasions.

Think of gift baskets given to loved ones or colleagues when they aren’t feeling very well.  If you have someone recovering from a surgery, it’s not uncommon to see a basket of delicious treats and ways to pass the time set by their bedside.  There’s something about a basket of delicious food and treats delivered to us that makes us feel loved, cherished, and considering the abundance of treasures inside, just a little bit richer.
A portion of what makes gift baskets so popular is the many different and creative ways you can fill them out, and the limitless ways you can decorate them to suit any occasion.  For a new mother you can have a basket filled with baby lotions and potions, teddies, vests, pampering treats, tickets for a day at the spa, and all the other little accoutrements you need to deal with bringing a new beautiful baby into the world and taking care of its every need.

Gift b
askets for newly weds are particularly popular, as they’re a wonderful way to fill the new brides house with the little comforts of home.  Bottles of wine, packets of tea, a variety of things for the bathroom, all of these things go wonderfully in a homey little wicker basket dressed up with ribbons. 

Gift baskets also make a wonderful welcoming gift to deliver to company meetings or just general gatherings.  With their very distinctive appearance baskets full of treats, from fruit to chocolate to pate and cheese combinations, they are a wonderful way to bring a little flair to an otherwise potentially onerous gathering in your work place. 

The wonderful thing about gift baskets is their fantastic flexibility.  There really isn’t any occasion a gift basket won’t provide a creative solution to, and they’re perfect for men and women alike!  Got a friend who likes to barbeque?  A red gingham lined basket filled with savoury treats and beer will go down a treat with added tongs, meat fork, and spatula and you’ve got the perfect combination of things for an afternoon at the grill.

Due to portability and flexibility of gift baskets, you can satisfy almost anybody on your list.  What lover of books, for example doesn’t enjoy a cup of tea?  So in your gift basket you can throw in a gift mug, some scrummy biscuits, some favorite teas, a couple of books, or a gift card for use at their favorite store or to add things to their Kindle!

All in all, there really is no situation that isn’t perfect for a gift basket!  With a little ingenuity, a dash of creativity, and a humble wicker basket, you can create wonderful, personalised gifts whose usefulness will long outlast the contents itself.   A nicely appointed gift basket can have multiple lives, including simply serving as a lovely addition to a home decoration.  So break out of the box, start giving  gift baskets today!

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