Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Add Adorable Elmo to a Sesame Street Fan's Collection!

As you may already know, last week saw the UK release of 'Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey', the incredible story of the Kevin Clash - the voice behind Sesame Street's adored monster! You can check out the trailer here, if you haven't already seen it, to discover more about this fantastic film... It's one children and adults of all ages should see!

At Smart Gift Solutions, although we can't provide you with the real deal Elmo... you can buy your very own gorgeous teddy version, to give to friend's colleagues or family members that are fans of the legendary show! Or you can even keep it for yourself... Priced at £17.95, its the perfect affordable gift for a young girl or boy on their birthday, or as a quirky present for a colleague at work that you know secretly loves Sesame Street! 

If you've seen 'Being Elmo', let us know via Facebook, Twitter or in the comment box below - we'd be interested to know what you thought!

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