Monday, 30 July 2012

The Benefits of Aromatherapy on your Body...

We recently posted about our new range of Aromatherapy Gift Baskets; created so you can indulge yourself with gorgeous Essential oils to soothe, relax and relieve your body and mind. But what exactly are the benefits of Aromatherapy and how can it affect your lifestyle, and what particular oils work best?

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years as a natural medicine for both the mind and the body and has been clinically proven to improve and help with...
-         Boosting your immune system
-         Helping you to relax by easing your mind & body providing stress & anxiety relief
-         Insomnia
-         To regulate hormones (e.g. during the menopause)
-         To relieve menstrual cramps
-         Decreasing congestion
-         Killing fungal & bacterial infections
-         Increasing blood circulation 

But how exactly do the Essential Oils work?
The beautiful aromas from the oils help to release endorphins, instantly making your body and mental stale feel relaxed and calmer. It's sort of the same way you feel when you eat a gorgeous chocolate bar... Instantly happier! The body also absorbs the oils into the skin and blood stream, meaning massaging your body with essential oils instantly reaps therapeutic benefits! You know the feeling of massaging your chest with Tiger Balm when you’ve got a horrible cold, and you sinuses are relieved? That’s the magic of Aromatherapy!

There are particular oils which benefit different bodily functions – so we've complied a list of 10 Essential oils for you to refer to!
1)  Lavender is considered to be the most popular; and is most commonly used as a sedative, antiseptic, diuretic and can also soothe sores, burns and wounds. Lavender is considered effective for insomnia, with the oil being traditionally placed on the pillow before bed to ease sleep.

2)  Chamomile has antiseptic, antibacterial and digestive properties, and can be used to relax with its sweet and fruity aroma.

3)  Eucalyptus has anti-inflmmatory properties and has benefited asthma and bronchitis, and can relieve both muscular and rheumatic pains.

4)  Rose has both antidepressant and antispasmodic properties, and is perfect for uplifting a mood with its warm and sensual aroma.

5)  Jasmine can be beneficial for dry and sensitive skin, and with its floral scent it is considered to be rejuvenating and uplifting.

6)  Rosemary is often used in products for hair loss, as it is believed to stimulate hair growth.

7)  Sandalwood is used frequently in Asia, and is popular for the practice of meditation with its relaxing and therapeutic aroma. It can also be used for skin disorders and cystitis.

8)  Peppermint  is good for inflammation - with its cooling aroma it can numb uncomfortable muscular pain.

9)  Frankincense has healing properties that are great for wounds, blemishes, scars and dry skin.

10) Oregano can be used for increasing joint and muscle flexibility, and is believed to strengthen the immune system and improve digestive problems.

Although Aromatherapy is essentially a safe practice, there is of course the risk of allergic reaction to the oils as they are highly concentrated products that particular skin types may react negatively to. If the doseage used is too high, it may cause irritation, burns, nausea or headaches – so remember to use only the amount subscribed. Pregnant women should avoid using essential oils, as it can be a danger to both you and your unborn baby – for further information visit http://www.essentialoils.co.za/pregnancy.htm, where this is explained in thorough detail for those who are unaware of the risks.

Be sure to check out our Aromatherapy products at Smart Gift Solutions, where we have a range of Essential oils and Aromatherapy Gift Baskets for every woman to indulge with! If you are still unsure about the practice of Aromatherapy, or you wish to find out what other oils you can use, you can purchase our Aromatherapy Guide Book by Christine Westwood to discover more!

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