Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Aromatherapy Gift Baskets

Here at Smart Gift Solutions, we have designed a beautiful new range of Aromatherapy Gift Baskets, filled with gorgeous products for you to indulge yourself with. We love to use Essential Oils on our skin to help us relax and to ease our daily stresses; so we’ve provided you with a variety of luxury sets that mean you can do the same!

Do you spend the majority of the day on your feet, and come home with aching muscles and sore ankles? Well, we’ve created a unique pampering treat to make your soles feel brand new again! Our Wellbeing for Feet Gift Basket, for £29.95, includes a stylish portable foot massager suitable for your handbag, 100% natural Peppermint foot gel to freshen and revive after a day trapped in shoes and socks, and Reflexology Massage Socks to guide you through a relaxing foot massage! We've also included 4 scented tea candles to light around a bubble bath and an Organza drawstring bag filled with Bath Potion (200g) with aromas of Lavender, Orange and Sweet Basil to relieve your stresses! It's the perfect way to unwind, so if you know someone who is run off their feet lately... our Gift Set won't go unappreciated!

Perhaps it's your back that causes you pain when you get home... does it feel tense and sore? Our gorgeous Feel Good Gift Basket is filled with several different Essential Oils to help relieve your muscular pain after a stressful day! For £31.95, included are Feel Good Bath Salts with the gorgeous aroma of Orange Flower, a wooden body massager to increase circulation and relieve tension and 4 scented tealight candles. There is also 3 Essential Oils; a bottle of Massage and Bath Oil with aromas of Lavender, Fennel and Peppermint, a bottle of Sweet Almond Base Oil which is to dilute the Lavender Pure Essential Oil. Perfect for showing her you care, or as a luxurious Birthday Treat, the Feel Good basket is bound to make her feel good as knew!

If it's been a stressful week, and you need a whole weekend to pamper and relax to restore yourself, our deluxe Tranquil Dawn Gift Basket is bursting with everything a woman needs... Included for under £45, is a handmade Lavender Wheat filled bag which can be heated and used to soothe aches and pains, a delicious Bomb Cosmetics Sweet Cherry Pie Bath Blaster, a calming Tranquil Dawn CD by Llewellyn to transport you away from the stresses of daily life and a lilac eye gel mask to soothe your tired eyes... For the many more delightful treats included in our luxury gift basket, head over to our website. It's the perfect way to show a loved one you appreciate their hard work, and suits all occasions including Anniversaries, Birthdays and Thank Yous!

Later on this week we'll be posting about the benefits of Aromatherapy and what aromas work best, so stay tuned to find out how your life can be improved by the simple aromas of Essential Oils!  

Feel free to comment via our Facebook, Twitter or Blog on your views on Aromatherapy - do you swear by it? If so, what are your secrets, what works best for you?


  1. these are very smart style, can you suggest me what basket should be made for 24 year old working lady ? i wanted to send it my sister as a gifts to Pakistan .

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