Monday, 23 April 2012


Here is the winning entry of our latest Facebook competition 'QUEEN FOR A DAY!', which was submitted to Smart Gift Solutions by Emma Walters

If  I could present a gift to Queen Elizabeth II, it would be... "The magic wardrobe from the narnia story so she could disappear into her own magical world without anyone knowing, that & keep all her fabulous outfits in!".

The response we received to the competition was fantastic, and it was difficult deciding between the hundreds of fabulous suggestions that we received! There were other brilliant suggestions too, that we can't help but include - so here are our Top Ten entries for you to read below...

1. Charlotte Jones: 

If I were to give the Queen a present, 
Smart Gift Solutions I'd visit.
A create-your-own-hamper,
For her majesty to feast on and pamper,
Full of fabulous treats and content!
A treat for the corgis in the shape of a teddy, 
Some baby gifts for Kate&Wills (no harm in being ready!)
Candles and bubbles for a relaxing bath
And a "First Class Stamp" mug for a bit of a laugh!

2. Rachel Blackburn:
I'd give her her very own pimped up mobility scooter, the MajMobile. It's red, white and blue of course complete with 18 inch chrome rims, union jack flags, a custom corgi-basket on the front and a horn which plays God Save the Queen!

3. Mcj ESmith:
The Queen is a lover of horse-racing but I believe that her life-long dream is for one of her horses to win the Epsom Derby. Even a Queen can't get everything that she wants! So as the nearest alternative I would present her with a personalised copy of OK magazine with the mock cover showing her horse, Carlton House, winning last year's Derby, instead of coming third. I'm sure that would make her day.

4. Rachel Medhurst:
I would give her a collage of all the pictures of the past kings and queens since the first rulers started. X

5. Nikki Kay Reynolds:
I would make her a photo album with 1 photo for each year of her life in with a photo of herself and a photo of something memorable that happened each year in the UK so she could remember all the amazing events that she has lived through

6. Sarah Foran:
I would give her a gift of a flight into space, giving her a view of rhw world that only a chosen few have ever seen, I think after spending her life doing a job she had no choice in doing to the best if her ability she deserves something amazing x

7. Sue Hunt:
A remote control with a special 'Mute' button for Prince Philip :o)

8. Andrew Petrie: 
If it were possible , a long and happy retirement.

9. Jayne Kohli:
A discrete mini solar powered fan to clip onto her hats to make those walkabouts in hot weather that little bit more comfortable.

10. Julia Mealing:
A false hand because hers must get tired with all that hand shaking and waving.

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  1. We received over 500 suggestions which is pretty amazing :-))) All the suggestions were wonderful and very thoughtful... let's hope the Queen did have a gorgeous day and received what she really wanted :-)))