Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What are the health benefits of chili?

To coincide with our Facebook competition, in which we are giving away 3 Grow It Chili Plants - all you have to do is you simply like and share our status, we thought we'd provide you with a few key facts that you may not have previously known about chili! Even if chili doesn't tingle your tastebuds, there are many beneficial factors to eating it that may make you change your mind...

For example, did you know that the key ingredient found in chili is called capsaicin, which has been scientifically proven to both REDUCE blood pressure and BOOST weight loss? (Can this really be true...) Well, yes! Capsaicin has anti-bacterial and anti-diabetic properties, and can reduce cholesterol levels. It can also speed up your metabolism, consequently reducing your appetite and improving weight loss!

Chilies do more than just fire up your taste buds and add flavour to a variety of meals, they can also stimulate and clear mucus from your blocked nose, meaning it can help rid you of your horrid cold! BUT be warned - there is a chance you may become addicted to chilies, due to the endorphin released when eating it, giving you a sense of pleasure! Get involved in the chili madness, by growing your very own chili plants - available here...

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