Thursday, 19 April 2012

Top 5 Gifts for a Female Taurus...

Are you into your Star Signs? Because we certainly are, and as you may already know, on the 21st of April we will move into the next astrological sign - Taurus, associated with The Bull! This month, we've collected together 5 fantastic presents that you can chose from, to buy a female loved one on their birthday this month... it's bound to suit their star sign perfectly! So if you're stuck with ideas, you need to look no further...

Bath Blaster - Dark Heart (£1.99)

A female Taurean can be both physical and sensual, so pampering gifts are ensured to go down a treat. This gorgeous bath blaster, bought to you by Bomb Cosmetics, includes Blackcurrant seed oil and Shea Butter swirl to moisturise the skin - it is the perfect way to make her feel luxurious! The beautiful design, which includes a pink soap heart, will be appreciated by her too - because a Taurus is a "lover of beautiful things"!

Weary Gardener's Luxury Gift Set (£31.49)

Taurean's are associated with earthy pursuits, such as gardening and landscaping - however, they won't enjoy the feeling of sore hands or tired muscles... So, this wonderful Gardener's gift set is the perfect way to restore them after a hard day in the garden - filled with handy gardening supplies to ensure your Taurus is moisturised and rejuvenated! For more brilliant gifts, visit our Gardening section...

Rose and Freesia Flowers (£21.75)

The typical Taurus loves deep blues, violets and pastels such as lavender and mauve - so why not treat a Taurean on their birthday to these beautifully arranged Rose and Freesia flowers, which incorporate the star sign's colour theme. The flowers ooze harmony and peace, and will create a wonderful environment for the Taurus on their birthday! You can visit our Flower section at Smart Gift Solutions, if you know a Taurus with a personal favourite...

The Royal Treatment Hamper (£56.20)

Taurean's love to live in the lap of luxury, so a food hamper with delicious and comforting food, such as chocolates, cakes and wine will appeal. This Royal Treatment Hamper, is the ultimate luxurious gift - filled to the brim with wonderful gifts in a traditional Wicker basket.

This gorgeously designed Pocket Posh book, filled with Sudoku puzzles, incorporates both the intelligence and the stylishness of a Taurean, and will go down a treat. For more fabulous designs, check out this link - where you can find more Pocket Posh books, with other puzzles. 

Have fun choosing gifts this month for your Taurus friends, colleagues and family members, and be sure to let us know what you'll be buying them via our Facebook, Twitter and in the comment box below! 


  1. Sudoku? Seriously who the heck wants a sudoku book for their birthday?? No a taurean definitely wouldn't want that!!!

  2. The article was written by a Taurean.... :0))) We must admit we love the pocket posh range and we're avid puzzlers here at Smart Gift Solutions... hmmmm maybe you're not a true Taurean?????