Tuesday, 20 March 2012

First Day of Spring!

Today celebrates the First Day of Spring, meaning beautiful weather is only just around the corner... To celebrate this delightful time of year, why don't you treat yourself to some gardening gifts? Here at Smart Gift Solutions we have a fantastic selection, both to treat yourself or a friend or colleague to.

'Seedbombs for Butterflies', by Josie Jeffery, will allow you to discover the world of seed-bombing, for only £12.95! Provided inside the kit are flower seeds, compost and clay powder, seed collection envelopes and pencils to label your newly created seedbombs. 

Seedbombs for Butterflies include seeds that will provide a source of food plants right through the season from when butterflies come out of hibernation in Spring, thorugh to Autumn when they need to build up their energy reserves for Winter. Plants will include Foxglove, Red Campion, Ox-Eye Daisy and Corn Cockle. 

It's a fantastic way to get involved in gardening, in a quirky way - and means during the Summer your garden will be filled with the most beautiful Butterflies! If this particularly tickles your fancy, we also sell at Smart Gift Solutions 'Seedbomb for Bees'!

To check out more of our collection, to celebrate the start of Spring, head over to our section dedicated solely to gardening gifts!

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